CGU Podcast

The goal of Common Grounds Unity is to encourage relational unity across the various streams of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement (SCM) - and beyond. This podcast is dedicated to creating a platform where unity-minded Christians can listen to leading voices who care deeply about Jesus' prayer for unity (John 17:21-23), and seek to see it realized within our SCM heritage.  

Our Co-Hosts are Megan Rawlings and Kevin Withem will be hosting guests such as Matt Dabbs, Rafael Lua, Ben Brewster, Tim Willis, Douglas Foster, Terry Allcorn, Jeff Walling, Rick Atchley, Bob Russell, Randy and Rhonda Lowry, Nadine Templer, Andy Fleming, and Jim Estep, Douglas Jacoby, Tina Bruner, and many more. So, grab a cup of coffee and join us for the conversation because "Unity Starts with a Cup of Coffee."