CGU Teams

Below are the Common Grounds Unity Leaders with email contact information. 


    Russell Kirkpatrick

    Russ and his wife Carmen live in San Diego, CA where they are raising two children - a son and a daughter. Russ is an Account Executive at

    Russ is a founding member and a servant leader of the San Diego CGU Chapter. Russ is passionate about unity and has been very effective in bringing brothers and sisters together from the different streams of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. 

    Please reach out to Russ at to learn more about starting a chapter and/or to join a regular Zoom Meeting for CGU Chapter Leaders, future leaders, or those wishing to contribute in any way. 

  • YouTube/Video Team Lead

    Javier Monzon

    Javier and his wife Patrica live in Malibu, CA where they are raising their daughter. Javier is an Associate Professor of Biology at Pepperdine University

    Javier is a founding member of the Simi Valley/Thousand Oaks CGU Chapter. Javier serves on the CGU Board of Directors.  

    Please reach out to Javier at to learn more about serving on the CGU YouTube/Video Team. 

  • Editorial Team Lead

    John Teal

    John and his wife Danna live in Simi Valley, CA and are raising two daughters. John is a Sr. Industrial Account Manager for Waste Management .  John serves on the CGU Board of Directors.  

    Please reach out to John at to learn more about serving the CGU Editorial Team which is focused on the development and oversight of written, digital, and other media content. 

    See below link to "Guidelines for writing articles." You can upload article submissions to "CGU Google Dropbox" folder if you have a Google account and are signed in. If you do not have a Google account please email to See links below.

    CGU reserves the right to select which articles will be published and to offer editing suggestions to the author prior to publishing them. Please use Grammerly to check your document as it will reduce the need for editing. 

  • Daily Prayer Team

    Matthew Stidham

    Matthew and his wife Jennifer live in Snyder, TX where they are raising their three children - their two daughters and their son. Matthew is the Minister at East Side Church of Christ in Snyder, Texas. 

    If you would like to serve on this team please reach out to Matt at to learn more about the Daily Prayer Team. Currently, this team posts a short prayer and scripture on the Facebook Group. The goal is to help us stop, be silent, and focus in prayer on our God who leads us by His Spirit and His Word. 

  • Common Grounds Unity Podcast

    Megan Rawlings & Kevin Withem

    Megan Rawlings and Kevin Withem are the co-hosts for the Common Grounds Unity Podcast. The podcast is in pre-production. We are targeting the first week of March to begin streaming.

    Megan is the founder and CEO of The Bold Movement, a women’s ministry focused on enhancing women’s knowledge of Scripture and equipping them with boldness to share it. She also hosts “The Bold Movement Podcast” and “Bold is… Podcast.” Megan has a master’s degree in Christian leadership with an emphasis in theology. According to Megan, she is married to “the most interesting man in the world” and teaching pastor at Christ’s Community Church in Portsmouth, Ohio, Matt Rawlings. Megan also serves as the Director of Development at Kentucky Christian University, and is a regular columnist for the Christian Standard. 

    Kevin is the Senior Minister at North County Church of Christ in Escondido, California. He's a native of San Diego, is married to Karen, has three sons, and has been in full time ministry for over thirty years, just over eight of those in Austin, TX. He received his degree in Bible and Religion from Harding University and has done graduate studies at Abilene Christian University. He has spoken at Christian University lectureships, men’s retreats, spiritual growth retreats, and has been published in various Christian magazines. Kevin’s sermons have been broadcasted on the radio, and he hosted the “Know Your Bible” television program in San Diego for thirteen years.